Manchado Ocicats & Savannahs

We are a small professionally run breeder of Ocicats and Savannahs located in the Chilterns. Having been fans for a number of years of beautiful exotic spotted cats we have now added three lovely Savannah girls to the household.

Primarily we think of our cats as pets first and breeding queens second, quite simply they are part of the family and we love them to bits.

It is our opinion giving them the run of the household with plenty of attention from everyone makes them more loving, sociable and playful cats of type and quality unlike caged breeding queens.

This is also reflected in the very playful character of their kittens and it is a delight to watch. (However objects do rather oddly get moved around though between dusk and dawn on occasions.) We are great believers that the more loving attention that can be given in the first few weeks of the kittens life helps to define a wonderful character.

Always bear in mind what a number of breeders have said when people wish to purchase a kitten, "often it is not you that chooses the kitten, it is the kitten that chooses you". It is quite interesting to have people arrive with the idea of purchasing a boy or a girl and having a certain colour in mind only to leave with one that is completely different just because a particular kitten was so friendly to them.

All kittens are sold only after 12 weeks. This naturally gives the mother the chance to have weaned them properly, taught them to use the litter tray and learn to play.

They are fully vaccinated when sold, insured by Petplan for four weeks, registered with the GCCF (Occicats) and TICA (Savannahs) and naturally have a pedigree certificate.